May 22, 2015

Spring stuff...

So, you ask, what have you all been up to this spring?


We colored Easter eggs. Because.
That's what people do at Easter.
We didn't trust Ryan to not break eggs
so he only got to play with those little worthless
cardboard holder things that never get used.
Ever. By anyone.
The finished product.
I suppose I should have been banished
to the worthless cardboard things too.
I broke at least six eggs.

Rachel pushed Ryan in his car...
They both giggled the entire time...
Ryan had tons of fun...
Until Rachel pushed him into a tree...
And left him there.
The smile that came right before the tears.
He realized he couldn't make the pedals go.
They loved helping daddy plant his garden.
One of these people should be wearing long pants.
And a jacket. And shoes.
Actually, I think they loved playing in the dirt more than
anything else. And that's fine too.

The end of preschool...

I can hardly believe that yesterday was Rachel's last day of preschool.

I feel like I took this picture:


And then took these pictures:

This morning she got her diploma...

She didn't think it was funny when I told her that she'll be done with school in just 17 years.
She's right.
I wasn't joking.

Both of them will be magnificent Hawkeyes!