April 11, 2017

Why I Support Option C...

For those who are part of my community school district-

Option C was not my first or favorite choice. It wasn't the easiest choice, or the one that will generate only a comfortable amount of change.

But it was the right choice. And here is why I support it.

I support option C because I have dedicated my professional career and educational attainment to student success. While I am primarily focused on higher education, I cannot, in good conscience, continue to claim that I care about all students if I refuse to care about all of the students in my own community.

I support option C because it speaks for the children who have no voice. It seeks to meet the needs of those whose parents cannot or will not participate in their education. And assists those who require extra help or additional resources. Option C wasn't chosen for the sake of my children. They are privileged and already destined for success. Option C was chosen for those who are not privileged. Those who will struggle to find success. 

I support option C because it values our teachers and administrators. Their commitment and dedication to our children is appreciated. And, at times, stretched too thin. And while option C will present them with challenges, it will also provide them with opportunities.

I support option C because it is equitable and fair. It doesn't create second class citizens within the district or ask only one group of parents to shoulder the burden of change. It equalizes classes, both in size and diversity of educational and personal needs. 

I support option C because my children will get to grow up with all of their classmates. And I will have an earlier opportunity to form relationships with other parents, and together we will be the village that our children need.

I support option C because I support our leaders. I trust them. I pray for them. And I will do my part, no matter how small, to support them during this time of transition.

I support option C because it is unifying. No longer will we operate from three separate corners of the district but, instead, one central place. A place that exists only in option C.

I have no doubt that at times I will curse option C. And I will regret ever showing my support for it. Option C will be divisive and ugly, but only for a little while. 

Because we are MP. And we will always be MP.
A place where great things continue to happen.
Not in spite of option C. But because of it.