October 19, 2011

The great pumpkin...

What does a pumpkin suitable for carving, an almost 2-year old child, and Elmo have in common?

Nothing...until this past weekend!

The location: our backyard

And so we begin

Rachel had her very own pumpkin

Daddy hard at work

Time to get directions from the experts

Let's collect the cats so they too can be involved

Look grandma and grandpa, we're almost done!

Daddy and Rachel with their Elmo pumpkin. Of course the picture wouldn't be complete without a black cat.... and an attention-grabbing cracker.


  1. Ok now you need a photo of it lighted up!

  2. Oh know, right? I keep forgetting to get a picture and now the nose is already started to deform. How sad.

  3. Love these pictures! Our Tiny One also is into Elmo, so much so that if we do not put the "Elmo" diapers on her she freaks out! Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Ernie are not sufficient!