December 8, 2011


Okay folks, it's that time again. I need help.

What do you do with a 23-month old child who is experiencing growing pains and the onslaught of two-year molars? Oh, and by the way, she's a thumb sucker. She sucks her thumb so much that it's turning red and raw; and the more painful it gets the more she feels the need to soothe herself so the more she tries to suck on it... and the vicious cycle continues. And, don't forget, she also gnaws on that thumb to lesson the pain of those incoming chompers. Plus, there's a cherry on top of all of this- she misses her daddy. He's been gone a lot this semester and not having him around really stresses her out.

Last night a fly on the wall of my dining room caught the two of us crying into our dinner together. I tried everything I could possibly think of to help her.

She cried because pretty much everything on her poor little body hurt;
I cried because my heart hurt.
She watched Elmo; I sat with her and hugged her close.
She ate frozen yogurt and ice chips; I drank a Diet Coke.
She tried to stuff her thumb into her mouth; I made her cry even harder when I pulled it back out.
I gave her Tylenol, teething rings, even a pacifier (which she hasn't used since I was on maternity leave). Nothing helped.

So, I beg you. Please. Help. Me.


  1. I wish I had good advice for you! You might already do this but I would slather her thumb with chapstick or something to try to help the chapping at least. A fly could catch me and my girls all crying more than once around this house too! Hope she feels better soon!

  2. ah, sweetie!! i'm so sorry. i have no advice whatsoever, but i'll pray for relief for both mama and daughter. :(

  3. try talking to her like an adult & explaining that people get sick all the time & that she may think she has problems, but think of those children in africa who are going through the same growing pains as her, except they don't have food, & you don't see them being a cry baby... on second thought, you are probably doing a good job. Just keep repeating my newborn mantra: it gets better. You are a good mommy & Rachel is a good little girlie. You will get through this & will be there to give me advice when I get to that point. :)

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I hope it works out soon. I suggest numbing the molars with those teething swabs that look like q-tips but they are filled with Orajel.As for the thumb, I have no advice. We were pacifier people. Good luck!!! Hugs!

  5. My heart is breaking just reading this ~ I am so sorry you are both going through such a challenging time. Wish I had the magic spell to make things all better.