May 8, 2013

Another update...

This morning I had to order an extra shot in my iced vanilla latte.

It was just one of those mornings.

In fact, it has kind of been a whole week of "those mornings" except that the mornings don't end... and I find myself exhausted all day long.

I'm tired of being tired all of the time.

But, that really isn't anything new.
Surely, with all that is going on right now, I must have something new and exciting to report.

Here's a quick rundown for you:

1. Jake attended his "last" class last night. I say "last" because he will have to take some chemistry classes this summer and next and, of course, there will always be continuing education requirements. But, for now... he's done. (and FYI- I hit the period really hard when I typed that).

2. Ryan turned 9-months-old the other day. He's getting big, is sleeping a bit better, LOVES to be outside and worships the ground that his big sister walks runs on.

3. Rachel is finally potty trained. We started this process last July, folks.

4. If we lived in town the city could legally fine us for allowing our lawn to get taller than 12 inches. Not kidding.

5. We have most of our garden planted but can't seem to find time to get the rest done.

6. I booked a hotel for our first ever family vacation the other day. We are taking the kids to an indoor water park and aquarium on an upcoming weeknight. And P.S., we got a great deal. The entire vacation will cost less than $200.

7. Jake is job searching. So, that's that.

8. I am starting to PANIC. My PHR test is about 3 weeks away and I am only half-way through my study guide.

9. Last week I ordered a new Lia Sophia necklace. I'm pretty sure the world would have stopped spinning had I not placed my order. It is purple.

10. Jake's graduation party is only 10 days away. 10 DAYS!!!!!! Not 10 years or 10 months or 10 weeks... 10 days.

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