June 11, 2013

Give thanks...

It has been quite sometime since I last made a list. I think I feel one coming on...

Things I Am (currently) Thankful For
(A Good Reminder)

1. Our beautiful backyard
I cannot get over how much I love the plot of land that our home sits on. The flowers and green grass and rolling hills, and even the cows that live in the pasture that surrounds us.... I love it all. I am so very thankful that my children have access to the same fresh air and blue sky that I grew up with.

2. Worship Team
Sometimes I leave practice wondering why on earth God ever led me to this group. They are all so talented and musical... and then there is me. I sing. And that is pretty much it. But, I have also felt extremely blessed and humbled and refreshed and I look forward to every opportunity that I get to sing with them. I just hope that the listeners feel the same way!

3. Anything related to school, it being over, or how it has finally led to gainful employment for my husband. And that is that.

4. My Parents
I think that these people make this list just about every time that I make it. But, the truth is that we cannot tell them enough just how much we appreciate everything they do for us. I'm not sure that anyone else quite understands just how things have been for us over the past several years and they have stepped in to help and support us more often than we can possibly count.

5. Elastic
Where would pants be without elastic? Where would humanity be without elastic? Where would my stomach be without elastic?

6. Time for Walks
So, since elastic cannot solve all of my problems, and probably is actually an enabler, I am also thankful for beautiful evenings that lend an opportunity for me to go on a walk. I used to go on really long walks, sometimes for over an hour. Then, I had kids. But, last night after we put Ryan to bed I looked outside, saw the open road, laced up my walking shoes and headed for the great unknown (aka the road that runs past my house). It was fabulous! I really hope that I can do it again... every night. I'm tired of being fat and disgusting and unhealthy and overly stressed. Hopefully a nice summer evening walk will become part of my new evening routine.

7. My Family
Even though my children, and sometimes my husband, drive me nuts I cannot believe how extremely blessed I am to have them. I'm not sure how I ended up with such a good looking, smart bunch of people but for some reason God thought that I belonged with them and therefore bestowed them with my presence.

8. Telephones
I'm thankful that phones have not been completely overtaken by computers and I'm thankful that we can still use them to call our loved ones so that we can keep in touch with actual conversations and not just short sentences typed onto a screen.

9. Laughter.
Laughter. Where would I be without it?

10. Grace and Forgiveness
I am thankful for the grace and forgiveness that I have not only received from God but from those around me. Yes, God changed my life when he changed me (there's a huge story behind this but it will be a loooooong time before, if ever, I share it) but without grace and forgiveness I would be a wreck. My life would be a wreck. Grace and forgiveness will never run dry...and for that, I am thankful.

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