January 6, 2012

Not that I'm complaining but....

Today at noon the bank clock near my office listed the temperature as 53 degrees. Now, I'm not one to complain about a lack of snow but, come on. Where is winter?! And, the longer we go without a heavy blanket of snow the more nervous I get about this summer. I keep picturing hot dry days and a whole lot of time spent watering my garden in the evenings. Ugh.

There is something to be said about winter. Don't hate me for saying this, but you know... it's actually kind of nice. I'm sure that if/when we get our first blizzard of the year I'll eat these words. But, for now....

Why winter really isn't so bad and might actually be kind of nice:

1. I miss the crisp cool morning walk from Starbucks to my office. Now I just curse at myself for wearing such a hot winter coat.

2. Naked trees and dead bushes are much nicer to look at when they are covered with a fresh blanket of snow.

3. Thick winter sweaters are super comfy and hide the post-holiday flab better than short-sleeved blouses.

4. Soup tastes better when you can hear the wind whipping around outside. We have a freezer full of the stuff and we can't bring ourselves to eat it.

5. As much as we might not like snow, we kind of need the moisture and are actually quite dependent on it.

6. It hasn't even gotten cold enough to kill all of the stupid bugs, drown out the stuff that causes allergies, or send all of the animals into hibernation. Epic fail.

7. Rachel looks simply adorable in her snow pants but has yet to wear them or get to play in the snow.

8. It sure would be nice if our gravel/dirt/mud road would freeze once.

9. In the winter you can go grocery shopping, buy ice cream, and then run several more errands before having to head home to the freezer. I miss that.

10. I have to wonder, how many families are suffering this year because they rely on snow plow income?

But, even after all of that I can honestly say that I do not miss:

1. Trying to work like crazy so I can leave early and get home before the roads get too bad.

2. Rescheduling events because of the weather.

3. Frozen snot.

4. Praying like mad during a treacherous drive home and then sighing in relief as we pull into the garage.

5. Getting up early to shovel the walks, watching the news for cancellations, and trying to decide if we should make the trip into town.

6. Paying the winter heating bill. ouch.

7. Having to drag my butt out of a warm car to close a garage door that doesn't like to close in cold weather.

8. Having to wait for the car to warm my butt up.

9. Gravel being pushed from my driveway into my lawn by the plow.

10. Hat hair. I do not miss that. Not one bit.


  1. Number 9 is so true! "In the winter you can go grocery shopping, buy ice cream, and then run several more errands before having to head home to the freezer. I miss that."

  2. Totally agree on 4,5 and 6. I don't miss it except for taking a picture of pretty white snow. But to have to live in it and adjust to it, NO - I don't miss it!