May 30, 2012

The 26-week ultrasound update...

First the good news...the blessing...the "THANK YOU JESUS!" moment...our baby boy is healthy and apparently quite content with curling up in a ball to sleep. It took some extra poking and pushing to get him to wake up and move but we eventually got to see the heart and kidneys and everything else that makes for a healthy baby.

And just to be sure, we checked again and yes, this time I am most certainly convinced that we are having a boy.

Unfortunately the placenta has not corrected and is still too low to allow for a safe delivery. So, it looks like we'll be scheduling our C-section for sometime in early to mid-August instead of closer to the due date of September 5. We have another ultrasound scheduled for early July and after that appointment the doctors will make their final decision on just how soon baby should come.

Yes, this is quite common.
Yes, the doctors are confident that everything will turn out alright.
Yes, I'm still terrified.

I have friends and loved ones (which, really, are the same people) who have gone through much worse than this and come out on the other side so I feel kind of silly for being worried. But still, it's an awful helpless feeling to know that something is coming that I can see (kind of) but not some idiot is playing horror movie music in my head and the little voice in my brain is going crazy with advice. Turn around! Don't open that door! Are you crazy; do you think that hiding under the bed is safe? You know it's coming; why don't you do something?!

One thing is certain though. There is nothing quite like a visit to the hospital to remind me of just how blessed I am:
I have a job.
I have enough sense not to wear pajama pants in public, even if I'm pregnant.
I have good health insurance.
I have a husband who can come with me to my appointments.
I have a husband.
I have a healthy happy home.
I have the ability to give my children a healthy happy home.
I have access to world-renowned health care in my back yard.
I have easy access to one of just a handful of doctors in this state who can preform C-sections.

And perhaps most importantly...
I have a healthy baby growing inside of me.

So right now we're counting our blessings and the weeks until baby comes.


  1. I'm so happy to hear the good news!! Let me know how else I can pray for you during these last few months! :)