September 19, 2012

Q and A...

Question: What do you do with a seven-week old newborn, that should technically only be one week old, who eats every 60-90 minutes, still gives you that creepy newborn stare, has yet to sleep in anything bigger than a car seat, and spits up a lot?

Answer: Do your best to love him as much as you can; give him lots of kisses; and keep plenty of stain remover on hand. If that doesn't work add lots of prayer....and maybe some extra tears of frustration.

Oh, and also.....what is the least amount of pictures I can take before I'm considered a horrible mother? I haven't taken any in awhile because, well, a sleeping newborn can only be photographed in a certain number of positions before all of the pictures pretty much look the same. Besides, Ryan looks so much like Rachel that I figure we can just look at her newborn pictures if we need a reminder of what he looked like....just kidding.

Here's to the next five weeks! May they be full of fun stuff that should have happened last month.

1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love, pray, pray, pray, eat, eat, eat, sleep when you can, rinse and repeat as needed.