August 26, 2013

We are still learning...

Something odd happened today.
Classes started and not a single person in my house attended one.

This won't happen again until about 2035.

I went to work, the kids went to daycare, and Jake went to work... at school.

It seems as though our lives have taken a turn for the next step. You know, the one where the kids go to school and the parents go to work.

In other news, Ryan got his first haircut yesterday. Actually, it was more of a hair trim since I have no desire to actually cut his hair for fear that those adorable little curls of his will cease to exist. But, even I have my limits to cuteness when mullets begin to appear and eyes disappear behind bangs.

And now he looks just as cute as ever. Seriously, when you look at him you have no idea that he has horrible sleep patterns and cannot eat solid foods. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that? He can't eat anything but baby food and formula. Everything else makes him gag.

I mentioned this to one of his doctors a few weeks ago and she immediately checked his tonsils. Apparently they are huge, and apparently large tonsils in children can cause sleep apnea and make it difficult for them to eat. And so, we added Pediatric ENT (ear, nose and throat) to his growing list of doctors. For those who have lost count, Ryan has a primary care doctor, a neonatologist, a dermatologist, an allergist, an ophthalmologist and now a otolaryngologist.

In a few weeks his new doctor will complete a more thorough exam and, hopefully, decide on a plan, that works (that's the catch, it really needs to actually help).

Also, did you know that they have formula for toddlers? Me neither.

Isn't it amazing what all you can learn...without having one single person in your family attend a class?

Here's to the start of another school year.

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  1. At least there is hope that one day he WILL eat solid food and sleep through the night! The worst part is not knowing what is wrong. Hugs to you, and congratulations on NO SCHOOL! XO