January 3, 2014

The holidays...

The holidays...
Sometimes they are the best of times;
Sometimes they are the worst of times.

Let us take a look-see into some of the 'best of times' from the past few weeks.
The 'worst of times' doesn't really need to be remembered.
Or repeated.

And away we go...

The tree.

This makes me laugh because her father
used to make this exact same face when he was a boy.

My little Rachel...getting so big so fast.

Watching daddy and Rachel play in the snow.
He came in after he fell, face first, into the snow...
again. And again.

Yep, this is pretty much how he rolls.

The Christmas present, aka Ja-Ja.
Ja-ja meet Jill; Jill meet Ja-ja.

Rachel's Christmas Present
Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Still.
No dolls for this gal.
He pretty much chews on everything.

Christmas BINGO with the cousins-
The Prize Table

Not quite a BINGO but getting close.
Christmas Crafts with the cousins

Meanwhile...Ryan found another ship to play with.
These kids love their pirate ships.

The sunrise this morning
The view on our drive to work.
Current temp: -12 degrees
One last parting shot.


  1. Fun! So bummed to not get to visit at Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! Those kids are precious!