January 31, 2014

The trouble with twos...

It has been an extremely long time since I last wrote about what my kids have been teaching me or what my kids have been up to or what I have learned as a parent. And, it occurred to me the other day that I now have two children. I know, I'm a little slow on the draw with that one. It just kind of... happened, and then I realized that it had happened.

And having two children is a whole lot different than having just one.

Case in point...

1. Having two children doubles everything- car seats now fill the backseat (we actually had to buy a new car to make room for everything back there), appointments are coordinated to cut down on trips to the doctor's office (horrible idea by the way), and the number of sippy cups in our cupboards, as well as the refrigerator, has kind of climbed to epic proportions.

2. Everything takes twice as long now... baths begin an hour before bedtime, it takes almost a full episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to get the kids dressed and out the door on time (especially during the winter), and somewhere in the world (I'm almost sure of this) is someone who can run a full marathon in the time it takes us to get everyone fed.

3. Two children can run in two different directions, ask for two different things at the same time, and fight over one toy...even when they are standing in a room full of other options.

4. When one child is sick you might as well take off the rest of the week because the second one is also going to get sick...but not at the same time of course. Nope. The second one's fever will show up right about the time you are ready to walk out the door to return to work after having finally got the first one back to daycare.

5. Meals were difficult enough with one but with two...it almost takes an entire buffet table to please everyone. In fact, we often throw in the towel and head to Pizza Ranch.

6. But, have no fear, two children can often do the same things at the same time like, cry. Or laugh.

7.  The Sunday bag is a lot fuller with two children...two snacks, two cups, two different piles of toys for two different ages.

8. If you're not careful, Christmas can easily quadruple the number of toys you have.

9. There are now two of everything to hunt down...pairs of socks, mittens, shoes, stuffed animals, favorite blankets, and funny smells.

10. But the biggest difference is that Rachel now declares that she has two best friends- her daycare friend Claire and her brother Ryan. How sweet.

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