April 1, 2014

I dress like a mom, and that's okay...

While waiting in line for my coffee this morning I noticed the woman next to me was extremely well dressed. Despite the massive windstorm that raged outside, her hair was pulled into a neat, tidy bun, and every single thing on her person perfectly matched. Even her cell phone was the same glittery silver as her earrings.

Much like this...

I, myself, wasn't dressed too terribly. You know, the standard sweater and dresspants combo that comes out when the weather turns cold, again.

Sort of along the lines of this...

Not so bad, right?

Almost immediately I felt frumpy and immature.

Like I was sporting this instead...

I looked at the lady, at how well dressed she was, and wondered...what is this woman bad at? Certainly she has a flaw. Right? But, what could her flaw possibly be? She's perfect!

And then, it happened.

I found her flaw, right there in the Starbucks line. Suddenly she wasn't so perfect anymore.

And neither was her matching purse.

Because, most, if not all, "perfect purses" do not hold...
items that are not paid for.

Thanks, well-dressed lady, for making us "sweater-wearing-moms" feel not so bad about ourselves.


  1. Really?? What did you do? You nailed it with the pictures by the way!

    1. I immediately thought, wow, I have to blog about this. Even her voice was perfect. It made me want to barf.
      It took forever to find decent pictures. You would be surprised at what comes up with you google "well dressed business woman"