August 25, 2015

Graduate school...

This week I finally started graduate school. Like, for realsies this time.

Last year I took classes as a non-degree seeking student, which essentially means that I decided late (like, almost 6 months late) to go back to school and missed the application deadline. Rather than wait a full year to start, I was allowed to take two classes before I was actually in the program. Yea me.

Anywho, last January I applied for and was accepted into a Higher Education and Student Affairs program in the College of Education. I'll be in the "higher education" portion of the program and will focus more on administration that student affairs.

My classes cover topics like finances, policies, student development, organizational theories, diversity initiatives, assessment...

I know... super exciting. Right?

And yes, I'm terrified. And already exhausted.

But, hopefully, in 2-3 years I'll look back at this decision and be like, yes, that was completely and totally genius of me to go to graduate school. Good job, Angie.

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