August 25, 2015

We walked the walk...

Last Saturday Team Ryan participated in the 2015 Mississippi Valley Walk for Apraxia. The money we raised will fund CASANA's (Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America) programs like iPads for children who need it to communicate, parent and speech therapist workshops, research, and a program to assist families in need with speech therapy costs.

We were completely humbled by the amount of support we received from our friends and family for this event, and cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity and words of encouragement. Some of Ryan's most favorite people (his daycare provider and her husband) walked with Team Ryan. As did my parents, Jake's aunt and cousin, and Izzy the dog.

I have to admit that, although I was a bit nervous about what to expect, I was more baffled by the very thought of showing up to the event in the first place.

How did we end up here?
Why are we here?
Aren't these walks supposed to be for kids with disorders?
Surely we don't belong here?

But we did belong there. And we needed to be there.

And that was hard to take in. And it still is.

Non-walking members of Team Ryan.
The 4-legged member of Team Ryan
Walking members of Team Ryan
Perfect day for a walk along the Mississippi River
We closed the walk. :)
The Fire Department was on hand to show their support,
and let kids take a tour of their truck.
The post-walk cookie break.
The post-walk play time

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