January 12, 2011

Labor and delivery, day 1...

The (abridged) Story of Rachel's 34-Hour Labor and Delivery...

Day 1:

January 12, 2010

2:00 PM- I come across a free pair of tickets to a Hawkeye basketball game. We decide we're both too tired to go anywhere that night so we find someone else to take the tickets (good call).

6:15 PM- I suspect that my water broke so I call the hospital. It takes awhile to convince them that I have NOT just peed my pants and by 7:00 we are on our way . That's when the contractions begin.

After several hours of poking and prodding and waiting and watching and observing, the on-call staff determine that I am in pre-labor and will, more than likely, NOT go into labor for at least one, possibly two, more weeks.

Midnight- We finally get released to go home, and since the contractions are too much for me to sleep through Jake literally tears our kitchen apart looking for sleeping pills that I was given about a month earlier.

Sometime between 1:00 - 2:00 AM- I finally fall asleep.

And thus endth the first day...

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  1. Too short!!! I love reading pregnancy stories :) Can't wait to read more about how your little angel came into the world. :)