July 27, 2011

If I could change my world...

Over at Working Mom Wednesday we're talking about what we would most like to change in the world.

I'll admit it- my list probably sounds a bit immature, but right now these are the parts of my world that need to change.

1. On-time Delivery. Orders with a delivery date of 1-5 days ago that are STILL making their way onto the delivery truck. Now that is just plain annoying.

2. Cheap coffee. It's nice that everyone in the office pitches in but seriously...who keeps bringing the bag of cheap stuff?!

3. No AC in the office this morning. July in Iowa (during a heat wave) is not the best time for the air conditioning to take a dive.

4. Raccoons. I hate those things. They have been dining on our sweet corn for several days now. For awhile we kept them away by surrounding the corn with Rachel's dirty diapers, but after last weekend's storms flattened all of the stalks they have been coming back in droves. I guess they figure it's worth the risk if they don't actually have to put any work into their meal. What little brats.

5. Rachel time. I've said this many times and often repeat it when we're in the thick of a battle with Rachel, "The days (or minutes) are long but the years are short." My little girl is growing up too fast and I feel like I'm missing everything. I need time to slow down for just a bit so I can catch my breath. But, when she's a throwing another royal fit...
then it's time for the world to spin just a little bit faster.


  1. Oh I'd be willing to do just about anything to change #3 if my air conditioning broke right now. Seriously, just about anything!

  2. Raccoons are nasty creatures! I don't really want to wish ill on another living thing, but those pests are usually up to no good!

  3. the days ARE long and the years ARE short... i've said that before on my blog too... time does go fast!!