July 21, 2011

Red and yellow...

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop (is it really Thursday already?!)
- Write an entry inspired by the word: Yellow.

When I hear the word yellow I think of two things:

1. When I was pregnant with Rachel we knew that we were having a girl but decided to keep it a secret from everyone else. So, when it came time to "decorate" the nursery we used a lot of yellow. By the way, to "decorate" is a relative term. We moved when she was 8 weeks old and, even though it's over a year later, her room is still a "work in progress".

2. My friend Melissa (whom I REALLY miss a lot by the way; why must 3,000 miles keep us apart?) taught me this little rhythm so that when I come visit her I won't die from a snake bite. What a pal she is.
"Red and yellow, kills a fellow;
Red and black, friend of Jack."
Of course, if I ever do encounter a snake I'm not sure that I would spend the necessary amount of time it takes to fully examine a snake's color pattern before deciding whether or not I should run, no, SPRINT away. But still, it was the thought that counts.


  1. My son came home with that little ditty from school. But I'm like you ... who is going to stick around long enough to hum it?!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's :)

  2. I kept the sex of my twins a secret too. But they didn't have a room, and kind of still don't. So decorating wasn't a problem.
    Otherwise I just hid the B/G clothes I bought for them in snaky places.

  3. that is so funny... while clever, like you- I see a snake and I'm out of there.

  4. I'm pregnant now, and this time we're keeping it secret.

  5. Good luck Penelope! It's hard but lots of fun to be able to keep the surprise from everyone.