July 11, 2011

Ode to Starbucks...

I hate...
1. June 30 or any other day that ends a fiscal year, quarter or period.
2. Warm Diet Coke- especially when it's my own fault.
3. Stress headaches caused by incompetent co-workers.
4. Working through yet another lunch (okay, so I'm taking 5 minutes to blog and eat my apple).
5. Typing up minutes from a meeting that was held over a week ago.

I love...
1. That tonight is "Bunko" night- a night out with the ladies!
2. Blog friends that make me laugh.
3. The rings I ordered from Lia Sophia yesterday. They can't get here fast enough!
4. Sundays at the beach with a little gal who isn't afraid of the water and fun friends who don't have kids but still let us hang out with them.
5. My Starbucks cup. You MUST get one of these if you don't already have one. Who needs a Tylenol when you can fill this bad boy up instead? Plus, it's reusable and WAY cool.


  1. I'm so addicted, I even have a gold card with my name on it.

  2. If they keep raising their prices, I'm going to have to buy my own machine! Love! Love! Love! Starbucks!