August 5, 2011


At some point during the week my visit count hit 10,000. How fun!

Let's take this opportunity to turn over a new leaf! Start fresh! Live on the edge! I'll have what she's having!!

Today begins the first in my new series...

Wait for it...

Casual Conversation Friday

I want to hear from my reader(s). What kind of advice do you have for other working moms? What parenting gems have you found? What should moms of all ages know or be on the look-out for? And for those WAHMs or SAHMs- I bet you have all kinds of great things to say. So you're not a blogger or a parent? No problem. Everyone and anyone is welcome to share their wealth of knowledge.

Here's your chance to tell us all what you think; what you know; what you hate; what you wish you knew; what you wish others knew.

If you are interested in participating just leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you.

My first guest for Casual Conversation Friday is someone who is very special to!

Me: What piece of advice do you have?
Me: Become an Amazon Mom and shop yourself silly on Amazon. Buy diapers there...lots of them.
P.S. No, Amazon isn't paying me to say this. But wouldn't that be amazing if they knew I exist?

Me: You work full-time, do volunteer work, have a young daughter and a husband who is a full-time student, live on an acreage that requires a lot work, and sometimes even have a social life (I know...gasp, right?). How do you do it all?
Me: I don't. About six months ago I finally came to terms with the idea of giving some things up so I started cleaning my house every other week. I know, that sounds lame but really, that was a HUGE step for me. Unfortunately I'm still working on learning how to take time for myself, which is why even though I have lost 52 pounds (hooray, 2 more lost this week) I still have 28 more to go.

Me: Any last words?
Me: Wear fun sparkly rings. Drink coffee. Read to your children (at any age). Don't pay $1.45 for soda when you can walk down the street and get it for $0.45.

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  1. Take naps. I love them. I can take a nap on the couch while my three kids sit on top of me (at the same time) and watch Dora the Explorer or whatever lame kids' show is on at the time.