August 18, 2011

My kid's an honor student...

My child is a genius.

I think.

Jake and I are either first-time parents who don't know any better or we have what can only be described as Pure Brilliance on our hands.

Someone should probably set us straight or knock us off our pedestal because we're pretty sure that Rachel is the smartest child EVER.

Okay, maybe not.

But still, we are just amazed at what our little girl can do at just 19-months of age!

P.S. Can you hear us 15 years from now? We're the annoying parents sitting in the front row at the PTA meeting insisting that our child be allowed to take Advanced Organic Chemistry as a freshman. For that I apologize in advance.

Still though...

1. This morning she made it all the way to 'D' before her alphabet fell apart and she digressed to letters such as "Elmo", "Moo", and "alskdjfoasiej"

2. She asked her daddy the other day if her mac & cheese was hot. When he confirmed her suspicion she requested a spoon and began blowing on it to cool it down a bit.

3. Her problem-solving skills are quite amazing. She has a fairly advanced vocabulary. And, she can hold a decent conversation....kind of.

4. She knows what happens when we get to the last page of her last bedtime she refuses to ever let us get that far in our reading.

5. Yesterday she informed me that she wanted fries for supper. When we decided to cave and give her fries she was absolutely thrilled and even remembered that she had made this request all by herself.

6. She has the eyesight of a hawk. Nothing escapes her.

7. Last night she was given a cup with a straw and even though it was her first encounter with such a gadget she took it on like it was yesterday's news.

8. She knows when are talking about her. This kind of sucks because it is getting increasingly difficult to keep secrets from her when she's in the room.

9. She can count to 9. Wait...I should probably explain. She starts her count at 8. But still, not bad, right?

10. She's our first child. Of course we think she's a genius.

We will be completing her application to Yale just as soon as we get her potty-trained.


  1. Well, i don't have kids, so I don't have a lot of experience, but she sounds like a genius to me!

  2. I LOVE this post! :)

    In reference to #8...a similar fun story:

    I remember the day that I could figure out what my parents were spelling. We were all in the car and mom said to dad, "Galen, do you want to stop and get some i-c-e-c." I shreaked "ICE CREAM!!!" While my mom was happy that I could spell, she was not happy that the last trick of keeping secrets was out the door! :) Needless to say, we got ice cream that night.

    Fill out that application to Yale babe! She's amazing!