September 19, 2011

i'm sorry, so sorry...

I have written a lot of posts about feeling guilty about a lot of things and right now I have to admit to holding a blog-related quilt that I can not seem to shake.

I was featured on the SITS blog almost two weeks ago and I have yet to respond to all of the wonderful comments that I got.

That pretty much makes me evil.

And rude.

And I have to apologize profusely.

I have been trying to make time to tell everyone thank-you but every day my schedule falls apart and the guilt piles higher. In fact, soon I'll have to duck just get out the door.

So, to everyone who left me amazing comments and lots of bloggy goodness...

Know that I appreciate every single word you said, and I'm sorry for not responding yet.

And get this, I got an email from facebook today reminding me that I haven't logged in for several days. Can you imagine?! Wow...

Anyway, it's on my list of things to do (along with reading my friends' blogs, getting my hair cut, and putting away laundry).

But don't worry.... I would NEVER put laundry ahead of my best gals.



  1. I just took a look around...found you on the SITS site...a few days after your SITS day but am glad to have found your blog. I will be stopping by more often for sure, I have really enjoyed your blog!! A belated Happy SITS Day!

  2. Wow....what great timing you have. Thanks!

  3. We've missed you! Hope things settle down for you and kick that guilt to the curb; it's overated and gives you wrinkles! : )

  4. Glad to find your blog and SITS Girls (I am one) do leave a nice swath of comments - you are neither evil or, worse, rude! Great job keeping your sense of humor while digging out of paperwork!