September 28, 2011

Some day...

After months of trying to become THE super mom I have finally decided to throw in the towel and move on to something a little less...exhausting and unattainable. I have decided to just be...


And you know what? I think that's good enough, perfect even.

As just Mom, I now turn my attention to a Some Day list. A Some Day list is dangerously related to the "I wish I would have..." list. But, have no fear for I have developed a fool-proof plan to turn my Some Day list into a "done" list.


Philippians 4:11 (New Living Translation)
Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.

Amen to this!
Several months ago I moved into a house that is almost 100 years old and I have learned to love all of the quirks. Every cabinet door that won't close; every creaky step; every slab of wood paneling. I have embraced the joys of living in an old rental house with loud flowery wall-paper in the guest room. Why? Because it means I get to live in the country. I get to wake up to a beautiful sunrise every morning and watch the sunset over the fields every night. I can take my daughter outside to play and the only sounds we hear come from the cows in our pasture as they munch on my discarded produce. And it's just wonderful. My house might be old but I love my home.

STEP 2: DONE(ish)
Keep It Simple

Since I am content with what I have, I am also content knowing there are lots of things I don't or can't have and that's okay. I know that some day when my husband is done with school we will be able to afford some nicer things. But for now, I find joy in not having to dust around lots of decorations or find space for all of my latest finds. I will mark this step complete when I master the art of meal planning. Just thinking about that is overwhelming. There are so many in's and out's and what-have-you's that go along with meals and diet and exercise, and....let's go to the next step.

Be Patient- Your Husband Won't Be in School Forever

Okay, I'll admit it. I hate this step. Too many of my sentences end with, "When Jake is done with school we'll do X." Patience is not a virtue that I possess. So, when my husband admitted to me almost four years ago that he needed to switch his major from business to science during his junior year of college my heart sank. We have two more years to go and I am already planning his graduation party (You think I'm kidding but I'm not). Until then, I will continue to be supportive and proud and maybe just a little bit jealous that he has found his passion and will, some day, be able to get up each morning knowing that he is doing what he loves.

Buy, Spend, & Purchase

Don't get the wrong idea. Yes, I am content with what I have. Yes, I want to be fiscally responsible. But....Yes, I also look forward to the day when my Wants are at least in the same vehicle (but still taking a back seat, of course) as our Needs. Plus, in order to accomplish everything on my Some Day list I will have to (no get to), surprise!, spend money on things that were previously marked as not necessary.

Start Again

A Some Day list should be on-going. After all, we all know that we can't have everything we want all of the time. Once I get a few things crossed off my list they will be replaced with new goals and ideas and projects. An on-going Some Day list is what keeps life interesting. Well, that and a fun new purse once in awhile.


  1. So much less stressful when you give up the idea of being super mom! Just mom is good enough!

    I find myself in the someday trap... when such and such happens, then we'll... and I drive myself crazy with it!

  2. Where in this plan does it include a dinner night with the ladies?

  3. Step 4- I need to buy, spend and purchase a night out with the gals again soon!

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