September 23, 2011

Let's celebrate...

Holy cats! I'm back!

Has anyone else ever fell into a deep cavernous hole, been thrown a rope, and told to climb yourself out? No? Well, I'm pretty sure that's what just happened to me.

I have been struggling to climb out of my desk for several months now, but I believe I can finally see the top. I was thrown a rope that was too short and I had to free climb the last few feet but I'm here and when I look back at where I've come from....I am thankful for where I currently stand.

And so, for now, I will try to enjoy this brief spot of breathing room...

Until the next flurry of activity crashes into my office and I am again left to sink or swim. Don't worry though...I'll swim. I always do.

And here it you feel it? Another list. Yep, and this time I will list my top five reasons to celebrate. I'm not celebrating anything in particular. I'm just celebrating because I can.

Why I celebrate:

5. Wine. Which reminds me....I think I opened my last bottle of Moscato the other night. Better add that to my grocery list.

4. New couches. Our Rent-a-Center junkers were purchased over 11 years ago. And let me tell one is going to steal those things from the back dumpster. But the new ones? They are fabulous!

3. Fall has begun. Second only to Christmas in "my favorite times of the year", Autumn has some of the most beautiful reasons to enjoy life and celebrate all of the bounty and beauty that God has given us.

2. My parents. Wow, where would I be without their help?

1. Family. Even though my husband leaves his dirty socks all over the house and Rachel's response to everything is, "No way!" I have to admit...they are truly my reason to celebrate.

Now....about that shopping list. Where in the world did I leave it?

Happy first day of Fall everyone!

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