November 18, 2011

Me again...

The problem with hosting a mom blog or a working mom blog is that, well, being a mom sometimes gets in the way of blogging. I had someone lined up to visit with us on today's Casual Conversation Friday but, understandably, mom stuff took over her schedule and she couldn't make it. So, we'll look forward to hearing from her next week. Until then.... you can listen to another interview (Do I hear applause and cheers of joy ?).

Me: The holidays are coming! Don't you just love this time of year?
Me Again: Absolutely! I love everything about the holidays. I even love the busy holiday schedules because that means God has blessed us with plenty of loving friends and family.

Me: So, what has Rachel been up to lately?
Me Again: Well, she recently discovered mommy's new phone (my ipad) and loves to do FaceTime with Grandma Marcia. She really loves having a new audience for her ham-it-up routine.

Also, yesterday at daycare she announced that Elmo was sick, which required all the other dolls and toys and blankets to vacate the crib to make room for the oh so precious Elmo. After his nap she tossed him into the seat of her car and announced that he was going to the doctor (apparently he had a very sore throat). She continues to amaze me. Every day she learns something new...and makes us laugh just a little bit harder.

Me: How is work going?
Me Again: Oh you know, same old same old. I'm finally finishing up some projects that I started over a year ago so that's good. Other than that....I'm sure you don't care about all of the details. But, you know, every day I wonder how I got to be so lucky....I still love my job.

Me: Any final thoughts?
Me Again: I have yet to master the whole "I make healthy meals for my family regularly" thing. I know that I should do this and I know how to do it but....I just can't seem to find the motivation to plan ahead. Plus, I spend so much time keeping my life organized. Can't I just fail at this one thing...and not feel bad about it?

Thanks folks, and have a great weekend!

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  1. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. That was a cute interview! I love how you have no problem interviewing yourself! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!