March 14, 2012

Update one...

I have been just awful at keeping up with my blog lately. I could list about a million excuses for this but really, honestly...I just haven't had anything very exciting to write about.

I haven't taken any new pictures of Rachel to post; the weather, although beautiful lately, really doesn't interest me; and I haven't had any come to Jesus moments or flashes of brilliance that are worth sharing.

I guess I could provide a few updates on how my progress with the little one is going...

1. I am now at that stage where I can no longer suck in my "gut", which means I look fat. Not pregnant... just fat.

2. Although I am no longer sporting the "I'm going to throw-up" look all day I still feel queasy in the afternoons and evenings.

3. I did laundry yesterday. I don't think you quite understand the significance of this accomplishment. Have you any idea how much dirty laundry can pile up if you don't do it for 15 days? It's insane. I'm very proud of the fact that not only did I remember that I needed to do laundry but that I even had enough ambition to start the job...and I finished two whole loads in one night!

4. I have learned to quit fighting the urge. It's just not worth trying to sleep through the pain of an ever-expanding bladder.

5. Every night before I put Rachel to bed I brush her teeth (okay, maybe not every night... I'm not that perfect). Before I can brush her teeth we have this whole routine we have to go through where she asks to see everyone's toothbrush. So, I show her mommy's toothbrush, daddy's toothbrush, and Rachel's toothbrush. And then we brush her teeth and start the whole process over again as we put everything away. The other night she asked to see the baby's toothbrush and was rather disappointed to learn that the baby doesn't have or need a toothbrush just yet.

6. Here's some news you can use- my body has decided that after three weeks of producing copious amounts of snot it has finally grown tired of such ridiculousness. How wonderful it is to not have to carry Kleenexes with me at all times!

7. This morning I dropped my favorite pen on the floor. I contemplated just leaving it there but realized that I couldn't live in a world without it. As I bent down to pick it up I was unable, for the first time, to stifle a groan. So, I guess I'm at that point already.

8. I believe that it is time to purchase new shoes. I can no longer walk around in heals and pretend that my back and hips are okay with this rather boneheaded decision.

9. A friend asked if we have started talking about names yet. At first the question seemed odd to me; it seems too early to be thinking about such things. But then I freaked out because I realized that up until that point the thought of having to come up with another name that Jake and I will both agree on had not even crossed my mind. And then I felt like an idiot for forgetting that part of being a parent is naming your child.

10. Holy cow...was that a flutter I just felt?!

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  1. I love a flutter! Gosh, I'm pretty sure we're done having kids and yet, I still talk about what would be a good name . . . you know . . . just in case.