April 6, 2012

Jerry giraffe...

Rachel's best friend is a stuffed giraffe named Jerry. For about a year now those two have gone everywhere together. He doesn't leave her side, even in professional family photos, and she sees to it that he is fed and well cared for. Jerry doesn't have to worry about getting cold or tired or sick because Rachel has all of those bases covered for him. It really is quite touching to see her with her Jerry.

And a little bit frightening.

Jerry is old and has begun to show his age. He lost his little yellow bow several months ago and most of his spots are missing. A few weeks ago he underwent antler-repair surgery and just the other day I noticed a small hole forming in his neck... which sent me into panic mode. What will we do if something happens to our beloved Jerry?!

Panic eventually gave way to insanity and I did something that, I'm sure, secured my reservation in the Nut-Job Parents Hall of Fame. I searched for a back-up Jerry. And, when I couldn't find one I contacted the company...only to find that Jerry is no longer in production. But, have no fear! The company contacted their "help this crazy lady" department who immediately took to the streets in search of a new Jerry. And, I'm happy to report that New Jerry is currently stuffed into a FedEx box with our address on it.

I figure that with Rachel going through potty training, moving to a big girl bed, and dealing with the "trauma" of giving up her only-child status, now is really not the time to lose her best friend.

But, let's be honest. I did this mostly for my own sanity. And I'm perfectly okay admitting that I am not ashamed of my actions. Not even a little bit.

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  1. That is a really sweet story, so glad you were able to find a replacement! I wonder if there are any "repair men" like in Toy Story 2 for toys that need fixing? Sounds like a nice career if someone wanted to do it!