March 21, 2013

All moved in...

As promised, here are a few pictures of my new workspace.

But first... a story (I'll pause to allow time for shouts of glee).



So, this morning I attended a class I'm taking at work and the speaker gave out small prizes to anyone who could correctly answer his lame quiz questions. And as the prizes were handed out it became increasingly obvious that he had been doing some spring cleaning. You know, sunblock, a framed picture of him and his wife (in a very nice frame), a chocolate Easter bunny, and so on and so forth.

At one point I raised my hand and told a personal story that was relevant to the topic. I assure you, my story was relevant. I know that I might have a history of telling stories that have no point or ending or relevance to the situation but have no fear, this was not one of those times- and here's the proof.

The speaker was so impressed with the educational significance of my story that he decided to give me a prize.

And this is what I got...

"May simple joys fill your life"

The instructor is glad that it is no longer taking up room on his desk but I'm thrilled to have this little gem of a reminder on mine now.

And speaking of my desk...

Here it is.
And check out the drawing on the tack board in the back.
That is the very first picture that Rachel ever colored for me.
And some day I will hang one from Ryan right next to it.

And my window.

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