March 7, 2013

Good-bye office, hello cubicle...

So this is it.

Tomorrow begins my last day of having an office... with a window... and a door. I'm really going to miss my door. And probably the walls that go with  it.

The new space is nice, even gorgeous by some standards. Everything matches, right down to the trash cans and Kleenexes that I put at everyone's workstation. I have gotten nothing but applause from my co-workers on my choice in colors and design.

But still...

Once you finally make it into an office it is really hard to go back to a cubicle. I mean, really hard.

I'm trying to look at the positives-
1. My new area will have almost twice the amount of desk space.
2. I bought myself a brand new telephone so I no longer have to use one that is covered in someone else's finger grime.
3. I now have access to two windows instead of just one, and they both have very nice views.
4. My new desk is "wood" and very pretty, much prettier than the desk I sit at now.
5. ummm....let's see...there has to be a fifth positive thing....ummm...
I ordered a color printer/copier for the new room so I guess there's that.

Otherwise, it makes me sad to think about packing up my stuff and moving. I know that my co-workers mean well when they ask if I'm excited about moving to a newly renovated area (who wouldn't be, right?) but I kind of wish that more of them felt bad for me. And, I hope that none of them are eyeing the additional storage that I ordered for the new space. I feel like anyone who has an office should have to find a spot in said office for any of their extra crap because those of us who are stuck in cubicles shouldn't have to also store someone else's junk. But, who am I to make the rules?

Anyway, I guess I'll check back in with you all once I get moved. Maybe I'll even take a few pictures.

Tomorrow I think I'll work with my door closed and my window open...for one last time.

(Geez...what a drama queen, huh?)

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  1. I feel your pain! I went from an nice brand newly renovated office with a big window and a door to a cubicle as well. I still try to see the positives in the move and stay thankful I have a good job that I like, no matter where they make me sit but it's not always easy...I miss having a door!!!!