March 19, 2013

Life in a cubicle...

I have been working in my new space for about a week now, and even though I still very much miss my office, I'm completely unpacked and have started to settle in to my new home.

I have worked in similar situations before but I'm quite amazed at how quickly I have forgotten what life is like when you have to share your walls with several other people.

1. When you work in a cubicle you really have to watch the volume of the conversations you have...with yourself. I couldn't figure out why the gal across the room kept yapping at me this morning until I realized that she was trying to answer questions that she thought were being asked of her when really it was just me chatting away and having a grand old conversation with myself.

2. It is probably best to have some sort of system set-up to alert others that you are either in or out of the room. And, I should probably stop smirking at visitors when they come into the room, stop right in the middle, and ask, "Is anyone here?"

3. Inflatable windows with tropical scenery painted on them do exist. That doesn't make them right.

4. It is always best to pack "quiet" food so your office mates don't have to listen to you munching on carrots or digging into a box of crackers.

5. At least 90% of the conversations that you hear should go in one side of your head and then immediately be pushed right out the other side. And, as a side note to that, don't feel led to join in on a conversation on the other side of your cubicle wall (that's a tough one for me).

6. Looking for a good laugh? Do a search for "cubicle accessories" on and check out all of the latest must-haves.

7. Although it is okay to listen to music (at a reasonable level, of course) it is probably frowned upon if you get lost in the moment and sing along.

8. Want to scare the beegebeez out of your next-door-neighbor? Wait until it is really quiet and then stick a tack in the wall that you share. It pretty much sounds like you're going to throw your fist right through the wall into their face.

9. Need a little exercise? Meet your co-workers in the middle of the room, wait for a phone to ring, and then bolt back to your desk to see if the phone call is for you.

10. At least you don't work with the jack-wagon who did this...

Or this...
Although, for some reason, I just couldn't stop laughing at this one.
Look at the confused sap on the other side of the wall. He's probably thinking, "Gee, when did that thing get here and why didn't I notice that the only thing between me and a grizzly bear is a fabric covered partition?"
Note- I got these pictures from somewhere else on the internet. They're not mine. I'm borrowing them. I would love to give credit where it is due but I can't find the sites that I got them from anymore. So, to the real owners, thanks for the laughs. 

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