February 27, 2013

A phone call to grandpa...

I don't normally post two blog entries in one day but I really want to make sure the following story gets documented and I didn't think it was appropriate to post it in this post.

You might be aware that we have been struggling for awhile now to get Rachel potty trained. In fact, she first showed interest over a year ago and we have been working with her on and off (mostly off) ever since then.

I'll stop now and issue a friendly warning... the following story might contain TMI but it will fit nicely into my next printed blog book so I must continue.

The hardest part about potty training a child is, by far, getting them to figure out the timing issues. Like, they have to learn that if they wait until they feel like they can no longer walk, the chances are pretty good that they will fill their pants. The other issue is, of course, getting them to realize that sometimes they actually have to stop playing and take a potty break.

Rachel has been successful at learning both of these lessons, and follows them when she wants to.

And so, I was completely overjoyed last night when she put down her toy and announced that she needed to go to the bathroom. Once we got there she asked me to leave so she could take care of some business. Success!

She got excited. I got excited. Daddy got excited.
Then she asked if she could call grandpa so that he too could be excited.

Here is how their conversation went:
Ring Ring Ring...Grandpa picks up the phone to hear a tiny little voice on the other end.
Rachel: "Grandpa, I went poop in the potty!!!!!"
Grandpa: "Well Good for You!"
Rachel: "Yeah, I was pushing and then it just dropped right out!!!!"
Grandpa: "Wow!"

And now the story is documented. Although, I feel like this is one story that grandpa will probably never forget. Ever.

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