February 21, 2013

The itchy and scratchy show...

This morning I cried, again.

Surprise. Surprise. Right?

We have been waiting for over two long months to get Ryan in to see a Dermatologist and this morning was finally the big day. We are supposed to receive like a gazillion inches of snow today but that didn't stop me from wrapping an extra blanket around my little guy, strapping him into the back seat of Grandpa's big pickup truck, and hauling him off to the doctor.

After all, hell hath no fury like a woman (or very tired and frustrated mother) scorned.

The resident and the med student listened intently to every word I spoke. They looked at a picture that we took of Ryan two weeks ago when his eczema was at its worst. Then, they left to go get the doctor.

When the doctor came in he too listened to me as if we were his only patients scheduled this week. He even smiled when I admitted that I was in his office looking for a miracle. Then, he made a few small tears collect in the corner of my eyes when he said, "Let me just say this first of all, you are doing everything right." Next, he confirmed that it is okay to be frustrated and tired and concerned for the health and comfort of our little baby boy.

Finally, he gave me some prescriptions for some new medicine. He gave me no promises but he did give me hope.
Hope that Ryan will stop scratching his head enough that the missing patches of hair can grow back in.
Hope that he will wake up some morning without new blood on his sheets.
Hope that he will stop attacking his tummy and thighs and ears whenever given the chance to scratch them.
Hope that he will no longer be kept awake at night by pain and irritation.
Hope that he will sleep better at night.
Hope that we will sleep better at night.

When I went to pick up Ryan's medications I had to meet with a pharmacist. And you know me, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut when he warned me that one of the medicines will cause drowsiness I, without hesitation, responded, "Awesome." The word had not even finished leaving my lips before I corrected myself by sheepishly mumbling, "umm..okay, thanks."

And now, bring on the next irritation...Ryan's first tooth, which is already on the way.

Of course it is.

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