February 26, 2013

Testing, one, two, three...

I know this might be hard to believe but I do, gasp, have a life outside of potty training and baby eczema. In fact, I have been making a conscience effort lately to remind myself that I am not only a mother but also a working professional person of sorts; and I am still good at what I do, even If I am exhausted....all day every day.

After waiting for what has seemed like FOREVER, I have finally put in enough time to begin my quest to become a certified Professional in Human Resources. Yesterday I completed my application, checked the box next to "I have at least 2 years of professional experience working in human resources," and sent in my additional paperwork to justify that even though my official title isn't on their official list of officially approved titles, I should still be allowed to sit for the exam.

And so now I wait. This will be a true test of my "marketing" skills, or as some might call them, my "power of persuasion" skills. But, I like to refer to it as my heightened ability to beg and plead until I get what I want.

Once the national organization that oversees all of this sends me my approval (they will) I can register for the test. I have even already bought my study guide. I use the words "study guide" quite loosely though as the book is the size of a college chemistry textbook and includes things like a full list of court cases that have shaped employment law (which I'm required to memorize) and a 150 question pre-test/assessment "quiz"...and just looking at the thing makes my head spin.

But still, I hope to trudge on through this. I need a little something to distract me from my every-day life and the stress of taking, and passing, this test (which comes with a $400 registration fee that my employer has agreed to pay, so no pressure there) is just what I seem to be looking for.

So, when I pass this thing, the cherry on top will be the three little letters behind my name in my new official signature. Neat, huh?

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