July 2, 2015

Life as a child is pretty good...

I would never willingly choose to suffer through junior high again. And although high school was fun, I do not miss trying to be cool or hip or whatever it is kids call it these days. I would, however, consider being 2 or 5 again. Back when summers were longer, ignorance was bliss, and the world was still my oyster.

My kids have it pretty good, and here are 10 reasons why some days, I would rather be them...

1. My 5-year-old daughter defines a bad day as one without dessert or the right blue crayon. Yeah, life is tough when you're five.

2. Birthdays are still fun to celebrate. And "feeling old" means they can now reach the kitchen sink.

3. Their daily schedule: get dressed, play, eat, play, nap, play, eat, play, bedtime. I mean...who wouldn't want to go back to that schedule? Can I get an Amen?

4. Too tired to walk somewhere when you're two? No problem. Slow down, fall way behind, and let mom or dad's legs do the walking for you.

5. Too tired to get dressed? Also not a problem. Just don't. All you really need to do is hold your arms in the air and sing while someone else does all the work.

6. Rachel knows that we pay bills to keep a roof over our heads and the TV on. But, in her mind happy unicorns deliver rainbow colored bags of magic coins that gleefully dance into the mailbox.

7. Gnats and humidity. What are those to a child? Nothing.

8. A nickel is just as exciting as a quarter since all money is equal. But a dime isn't very fun because it's so small. And bills don't make a neat clinking sound when they are smashed into a piggy bank.

9. When clothes no longer fit my kids it is because they grew taller. Not wider.

10. Rachel wants to be a people doctor and a science teacher and a pirate when she grows up. Ryan most likely wants to farm or race cars or be an engineer. May they never run out of time to pursue their dreams or discover their passions.


This post inspired by:
Prompt #5: Who has it better, kids or adults? 


  1. Oh... so love #10! And, yes, would love to be a child again.

  2. This is super cute. I shared it on twitter but I didn't see your twitter handle pop up!
    Not having the right blue crayon can make for a super crappy day just like stubbing your toe on the corner of the kitchen table while navigating through the sea of Legos in the dark just to find the damn light switch -- all because you wanted to start your morning off with a cup of coffee BEFORE the kid woke up. But the kid woke up because you're on the floor in the fetal position crying.
    That totally ruins your day :)
    And I want a unicorn that delivers me all the things -- even pizza and new clothes when the pizza makes me grow .... taller?

  3. Great list! It would be nice to be 2 or 5 again but then I'd have the attention span of a goldfish and have no control over my bowels, so.....probably will stay an adult for now. Haha.

  4. I love #9. LOL I never had a weight issue as a child. I should've added this to my list of reasons.

  5. I love the thought that went into this! So much truth and you made laugh on top of it all.