June 30, 2011

Come on, challenge me...

What do you find most challenging about blogging?
- Inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

In every aspect of my life I have a problem with comparing myself to others. I look at other women in my office who are my age and wonder how they got to be so successful so quickly. In conversations with my friends (who happen to be SAHMs or some kind of hybrid of that and a part-time working mom) I hear about all of the crafts they're making and new recipes they're trying and my heart sinks because I don't have time to craft and very seldom have a meal ready when we get home from work, much less one made from a fun new recipe. When I see new or "almost" new moms who are fit and beautiful and well put-together I look at my own chubby awkward self and wish that just once I could be the hot mom.

So, when it comes to blogging I also compare myself to others. A lot. I compare my simple writing style to other more eloquent blogs. I compare my irregular postings to others who write every day...even on weekends! I compare my content to other working moms and wonder how in the world they do it all and then have time to blog about it (a small part of me hopes that most of them are embellishing the truth just a bit to make for a better story- that this perfection that some mom bloggers speak of doesn't actually exist).

Comparing myself to others has always been a struggle and when I became a mom it got worse. And then I started blogging....and took it to a whole new level.


After almost a year of blogging I have learned to control the beast, at least most of the time. I can't say that I never compare myself to others (in good or bad ways) but that's not what blogging is about. At least not for me. Blogging is about telling stories, and getting my thoughts in order, and taking a moment for myself, and....having fun!


Rest assured that this isn't my only struggle. Some days I get annoyed with how unorganized my blog is or freak out because I can't seem to think of ANYTHING to write about or....actually...the list goes on and on.

And honestly, right now my biggest struggle isn't blog-related at all. I'm wearing a new pair of adorable strappy sandals that I found in my closet this morning and I am finding out very quickly that the "fun" straps are not so fun after all.


  1. You crack me up. I'm so glad you blog!

  2. I can completely relate. In some aspects, blogging has been one of the best things I ever started to do, and in others, it's the worst. The insecurities I began to feel about every area of my life, areas that I had thought I was doing fine in before, surfaced unexpectedly when I started reading other blogs. Honestly, I've stopped reading but a few blogs in order to keep myself from the comparison game.

  3. Yes… when it comes down to it what is most important is a pair of comfortable shoes

    Sounds like a lot of what you struggle with is what a lot of people struggle with as well. I find myself wondering if my content is something that people like, then start wondering if anybody is even reading my posts.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. I struggle with insecurities about blogging to. For awhile I found myself getting caught up in the numbers and stats part of my dashboard. "I haven't had any new followers in two weeks" I'd whine, or "I wrote this great post but nobody read it."

    Ultimately I just had to start reminding myself that I'm not doing this to bring fame upon myself, but to bring Glory to the Lord and to walk in obedience using a gift I believe the Lord Himself has given to me.

    I hope you adjust to your new fun strappy sandals!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Theresa- I'm glad I blog too. Otherwise I wouldn't even know that you exist! How tragic!

    Jennifer- I agree. I had to but my blog reading back for my own sanity.

  6. Insecurity and feeling "less than" has been a lifelong struggle for me, too. I know that, whether I am or not, I'll never *feel* good enough, so there's no point in worrying about it. All I can do is pray about it and hope that something I write perhaps makes a good difference for someone else along the way.

    I'm visiting from Writer's Workshop. Have a great day!

  7. from what i'm reading - you've got nothing to worry about!

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself!!!sometimes all the pressure we put on ourselves hinders our enjoyment of the process!!!

  9. I second Lady Goo Goo Gaga's comments! I'm SO guilty of pressuring myself & ruining what should be fun.

    I'll tell you a funny, maybe TMI anecdote because I can relate what you wrote about wanting to be the hot mom. Today I decided to wear cute panties under my work clothes, instead of my usual boring ones. I figured it'll make me feel more confident, prettier, whatever. Well, I've been at work for 37 minutes now, and my cute panties are giving me a wedgie & my dress is clinging to them, so I feel like everyone can see my butt -- or see me tugging at my panties.

    And that's the last time I try to wear cute panties to work. What in the world was I even thinking?

    Visiting from Mama Kat's. Hope to visit again soon! :)

  10. Yes ... why can't all the cute shoes be comfy, too?!

    Thanks for you transparency ... we all need to hear how normal we are! :)

    Visiting from SITS :)