June 14, 2011

Rachel's first trip...

Wow! Where have I been? I missed an entire week on my blog. Geez....

In my defense, it's been quite a busy week.

Last Monday: I had eye surgery. I'll spare you the long drawn-out story. I've been legally blind in my left eye since I was 15 and last week the final surgery was done to restore as much vision as possible. So far....it's a bit better but let's keep praying.

Tuesday: I'll be honest. My plan was to not do a single thing- doctors orders. But, I got bored watching too much TV and cleaned out the pantry.

Wednesday: Still not able to lift over 20 pounds so that meant no holding Rachel. That was extremely hard to do. Have you any idea how much I love to hold my little Pooh Bear?! I was, however, glad to get back to work for a few days.

Thursday: Work. Work. More work. You know the drill.

Friday: Family trip to the zoo! And when I say family I mean all 15 of us. And what did my little princess pick out from the gift shop? A stuffed snake. sigh....

Saturday: Family stuff and a wedding. A special shout out (do they still do those?) to my niece and her friend for watching all of the kids (ages 9 months to 11 years- only 1 girl in that mix) while the "adults" attended a wedding.

Sunday: More family stuff followed by naps for everyone and then family stuff again.

Monday: Even more family stuff. Lots of fun but I think we're all just a little bit glad to be back on schedule.

Family stuff can really wear a person out. And you know what else can really wear someone out? A trip....down the stairs. Poor Rachel. At least they were carpeted. Plus, she was quite a trooper. I think mommy cried more than she did.


  1. Oh no! Poor Rachel! If it makes you and her feel better, I am 33 and fell down the stairs at my office today . . . in front of 15 people who all sucked in their breath as I fell. Also, all of my kids have done that at least once. Still, it sucks.

  2. Oh my word!!!!! I hope you're okay!

  3. Busy! I went send you an email Monday, to check on the ol' eye, and it said you were out. :( for me, but :) for you! I hope you enjoyed your family time.

  4. We did family stuff this past weekend too! It was great fun and I loved being with my family but I could have used a few days to rest and recover before coming back to work! :)

    Praying with you for healing in your eye!