June 18, 2012

Okay, here's the plan...

I am finally in the third trimester and yesterday something dawned on me.... it is now time to panic.

Oh my goodness. What have we done?!

Another child? Really? What were we thinking?!

Plus, I'm not even ready for this one. I mean, I've got diapers being delivered this week and our car seat came last week and we're going to pick up a bunch of clothes next weekend but still.... we're not anywhere near ready for this one.

I'm not ready to take off work. I'm not mentally prepared to be at home with a newborn. I just need the ride to slow down for one second so I can get my thoughts in order. Just one second....

I know that no one knows for sure when that special little one will arrive but, for the most part, people have a pretty good idea as to when they can expect the big day (hence the "due date" concept). And that makes life easier. But, when you know that you have no idea, not even a general one, as to when this kid will arrive...that is just stressful. And no, the definition of general cannot be "sometime between 3 and 8 weeks" from now. That's just plain unfair.

This week I'm taking a day off from work to get my life in order. Here's my plan for the day:

1. Hit the grocery store first thing and pick up ingredients for at least a dozen meals that I will have stuffed into my freezer by the end of the day.

2. Stop by Target and pick up some baby stuff...you know... a few things just for the new kid so he knows that we didn't forget him.

3. Rush home and start sorting crap. And by crap I mean...baby stuff. It was all organized when we moved in but at some point Rachel's closet turned into that closet. You know the one...that one place where anything and everything gets thrown and as long as the door shuts no questions are asked...until you need to find something that is believed to be in there...somewhere.

4. Spend the afternoon up to my elbows in chicken and rice and meat and tortilla shells and tator tots and freezer pans.

5. Celebrate my success with a glass of sparkling white grape juice. Dear Lord, I hope I make it to this step.

In a few days I will start the 29th week- my final week before the 30s. And the 30s, well, that's pretty much almost the end of the line. We've been told to plan for sometime around 36-37 weeks, hope for at least 32 weeks, and expect anything in between.

I guess that means....

Ready or not, here he comes!

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  1. What a great way to get ready for Baby Boy! I certainly know what you're going through. Just remember, that you will NEVER feel ready. By the way, this is just part of having a second kid. And it is way better because you can roll with things so much easier than you did with your first. Have fun today!