June 7, 2012


Rachel's regular daycare person (whom she just adores by the way) is on vacation today so she's at Jody's house.

Jody is a long-time friend of my sister's- like, I knew her when big bangs were way cool and her and my sister were way cool for having them.

Anyway, she's been a blessing to us and we feel very lucky to have her so close by. We were all prepared for Rachel to cry and be at least a little bit sad when we dropped her off this morning, given that she was in a different house with different kids. But, nope. Nothing. In fact, she told us good-bye and scampered off before we could even open the front door to leave.

Our little gal...what a social butterfly that kid is.

Jody sent me a picture this morning of Rachel playing outside and she seems to be having a fabulous day. Hooray!

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  1. angie -

    rachel is such a beautful girl. she's such a perfect combination of you and jake. i love the different features that i can pick out from each of you. what a doll!!