August 17, 2012

Mama, I'm coming home...

I hate being on pain medication. It turns me into a bumbling idiot who can't remember anything or hold coherent thoughts in my brain long enough to spit them out in a decent conversation.

So I'm not surprised that I forgot to bring my camera with me to the hospital today, which is a shame because today is a perfect day for pictures.

For the first time since he was born, Ryan has no tubes in him and his entire adorable perfect little face is visible for us to see.

And, he is finally going to come home. Tomorrow is the big day!

This morning we started "family training", which is basically a quick rundown of instructions on how to care for our little guy (no, I really don't feel any more confident in my ability to care for him and I'm still just a little bit terrified of taking him home). Every time the nurse comes into our room we check one more thing off our list of things to do before we can be discharged. The list is almost complete and the road home is getting shorter.

We started this journey on July 31st (when I was first checked into the hospital) and, hopefully, it will end tomorrow.


  1. Sorry, but I have to yell this: I NEED PICTURES!!!!!

    1. Hand hang onto your panties....they are of their way. :)