August 30, 2012

Ryan in pictures...

Here they are (finally)....a few (or several) pictures of our little Ryan!
I apologize to those of you who have already seen most of these on my facebook page. Oh well...I think he is perfect enough to justify another look (or two).

Our special little guy, Ryan Edward (named after his father and great-grandfather). This picture was taken the morning after he was born. I couldn't walk yet and had to carry a barf bucket with me to the NICU but I HAD to see my baby, even though the nurses had advised me to wait for a few more hours, until I felt better.

Here I am...seeing Ryan for the first time since his birth.

Jake with little Ryan. He had spent the previous night dividing his time between sitting with Ryan in the NICU and being with me in the recovery area. The poor guy was just as exhausted as I was.

Right after I was discharged from the hospital on Thursday afternoon I got to hold Ryan for the very first time (he was born on Sunday at 10:50 PM). Yes, those are tears on my shirt and more are falling from my eyes. I cry at everything you know.

And here is daddy, also holding Ryan for the first time.

Yea for clothes (finally)!

Ryan spent the second week of his NICU stay in an area that is set aside for babies that are close to going home. It was nice to finally have our own space (with a private bathroom and TV even!). During this time we had to learn how to take care of Ryan, including learning how to give him a bottle.

Day 13: Going home! Wow, we felt so very blessed to be leaving the hospital so soon (long story there).

Our first family picture.

Rachel and her baby brother (whom she adores....for now anyway).

Jerry, Rachel and baby Ryan (I wonder what toy he will have to drag around with him everywhere).

Our little pumpkin.

Kisses from the big sister.

And another close-up of the little guy.

What baby post would be complete without a bath picture? Ryan loves taking a bath. This was his first bath at home and he ended up falling asleep.

So sorry for taking so long to get these posted. This past month has been a blur and I can't believe that my first month of maternity leave is already over. Bummer.

Here's to another few great months at home! May I have lots of time to snuggle my baby Ryan, take him to fun places, and post pictures of it all!


  1. He is so amazing! What an exceptionally cute newborn!!!

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