November 15, 2010

Picture this...

You should have seen the absolute mayhem that was going on in our living room yesterday afternoon. It was little R's 10-month birthday, which meant it was time for another picture with her bear. I'll try to post pictures later but for now, picture this....

2 Parents who were trying to take a nice picture (parents, you see where I'm going with this, don' t you?)
1 hand-written sign stating the date (it ended up in shreds)
1 10-month old little girl- who is walking and has therefore determined that being still is no longer all....ever.
1 cat- don't feel sorry for him, he could have left the room at any time.
1 little teddy bear, who seems to be getting smaller and less photogenic every month

I think we have one picture where both the child and the bear were seated, the cat was entirely out of the way and the camera flashed quick enough.

Afterwards, my knees were killing me, I was dizzy from running in circles trying to collect everyone and my poor husband, the photographer, couldn't hear anymore because he had an ear full of advice from yours truly.

Did you picture a child-shaped tornado sprinting in circles around a cat and a teddy bear in the middle of a living room lined with shreds of what's left of a paper sign?

"Welcome to our home...what's left of it"


  1. I can't believe she's walking at 10 months! I'm so sorry!

  2. I can't believe it either! We were NOT prepared for this to happen so soon. Plus, she looks so grown up now. boo hoo...

  3. Do you think that Annette and Ledru actually hate you, and they gave you the bear/picture idea to torture you every month for a year? Just sayin'...

  4. Interesting thought Karen.....
    hmm...perhaps I will investigate further. :)