November 18, 2010

Please help me, i'm falling...

Time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop!

I have a problem. I can't ask for help. It's not that I won't ask or that I don't have time to ask its that I can't actually bring myself to say, "I....Need...Help."

This morning as I was getting ready for work I had an entire speech rehearsed and I even ran my plans by my husband, who seemed to agree with me. I envisioned myself walking into my meeting and telling people that not only do I feel like I'm drowning but I am also quickly losing hope that things will get better with my work load. I was going to divide my work up and even had selling points to get everyone on board with my ideas.

Instead, I left the meeting with only one project dumped off and by Noon my head was swimming with more new work that had shown up. How can one little innocent email requesting permission to buy a used typewriter turn into a stress headache and two hours worth of unplanned budget work?

To combat my stress I decided to shut my door and write a blog post. Maybe I should also invest in a mini-fridge. hmmmmm.....


  1. Wow your life seems Full.
    Do you drink Coffee? Grab a cup and maybe some Ideas will start to flow. It works for me. All the best with work, and family.

  2. Good luck. I can't say no to anything so then I end up overwhelmed by things. I'm sorry I can't offer any advice!

  3. The "can't say no" syndrome comes part and parcel with Morhterhood. Post a sign outside you're closed door that says "Unless you are planning to offer me help, please go away". That should get your message out there! :-)

    PS. Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  4. I can relate, and I don't work outside the home. Things are crazy enough here as it is! Be gentle with yourself!

  5. I wrote about the same prompt. I wonder, is feeling burnt out an unavoidable part of modern life?

  6. Overwhelming! arrrrgh! I think we women do this to ourselves. I read your sidebar too....QUIT comparing yourself to other moms/women. There will always be someone better than you and behind all their perfectness there are insecurities and frustrations too. Love your husband, love your babies, love yourself! Hang in there!

  7. I know the feeling. It's so hard to admit you can't do it all but you'd be surprised at how willing people are to help if you just ask. I know it's hard but you won't regret it!


  8. Wow, good luck with that one. Don't overwork yourself and burnout... That would be horrible.
    Visiting from SITS!