November 30, 2010

5 minutes with God...

A few weeks ago the folks in my Bible Study decided to challenge ourselves to actually go beyond the "admitting to failure" stage and move onto the "action" stage when it comes to reading our Bible regularly. I asked each group member to set aside a little time, just 5 minutes a day, to read our Bibles.

So, what now? Who cares if I have been reading my Bible more? Have I come across any earth shattering wisdom or memorized any new verses? No. Did I learn anything new? Nope, not yet anyway. So why keep it up? Why not go back to watching TV for 5 more minutes or completing one last task on my to-do list? Here's why...

1. During those 5 minutes I don't have to chase a child, fold laundry, or pay a single bill.
2. I can read whatever I want....action, drama, romance, history- it's all there, in one book.
3. When I'm done reading I don't feel stressed or guilty for having a few moments to myself.
4. The only other time I'm alone with my thoughts is in the shower and when I'm reading my Bible I don't have to look down and see all of those extra pounds I've been meaning to get rid of.
5. Quiet time. Alone. With God.

If you're not already reading your Bible regularly and you keep admitting that you should read it more I would like to pass this challenge onto you. Just 5 minutes a day.


  1. This is a great challenge! My church (I'm Catholic) has been sending me a series of books that help you devote 6 minutes a day with the Lord during the different seasons. I got the first one last year for Advent, and I loved it sooo much! They sent it again this year and I'm thrilled to be able to use this. It contains scripture and short interesting facts or stories that relate to the season. There are books for all the seasons.

  2. so great. you've inspired me to get back to it more regularly. plus, God calls us to be in his Word!! whether we learn something or not, I lways feel like God will teach me exactly what he wants to WHEN He wants to!!!