March 17, 2011

I'm turning into my mother...

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop day..hooray!

"10 Things My Mother Taught Me"

1. Forget milk....make sure to have toilet paper on hand before a storm blows in.
2. Suck your tummy in when you're walking around.
3. Nothing cures a sick friend or neighbor better than a casserole.
4. Every day should begin with a walk and time spent reading your Bible.
5. Working in your garden every 2 to 3 days is good for your veggies AND your soul.
6. Clean your bathroom before you leave on vacation.
7. You don't need a recipe to make good meat loaf.
8. It is possible to raise your family on a budget AND everyone will turn out fine.
9. Take a family picture at least once a year.
10. Don't forget to relax and enjoy your friends, your family, and your life.

P.S. A few things we like to laugh about...

My mom and her sister work very hard to stay in shape because they don't want to look like their mother. Because of this, my cousin and I would LOVE to look like our mothers.

Grandma and Her Daughters...
Grandma wrote the book.
Judy lives by the book.
Sue owns the book.
Sylvia threw the book away.


  1. Great post! I want to look like your mother and live like her too! Great rules to live by.

  2. what great rules! i love the one about cleaning your bathroom before you leave on vacation! i HAVE to have a clean house before i leave and the bathroom almost always gets overlooked!
    stopping by from mamakat's

  3. What a great list! My mother taught me to have tissues on me at all times. But I never listen.

    Stopping by from mama kat's

  4. What a great list. My mom totally taught me about the stomach sucking in too.

    Moms, they are pretty awesome.

    Popped over from Mama Kat's. :)

  5. This made me smile! Great job!

  6. Wonderful post! That first one made me laugh out loud!

  7. LOL! Your post made me laugh out loud - especially about not forgetting toilet paper! Sounds like you and your mom have a great sense of humor.


  8. I like number 4 and 10 best!

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  9. i really hate to admit it, but im slowly but surely turning into a combo of my parents! my father's stubbornness and my moms attitude! im a nanny for 3 children and i'm so just turning into the two of them. oh lord.

    :) i found you through SITS today

    come and visit me at :)

  10. you can SO still live on a budget and be happy. One of my biggest learnings!

    Thanks for coming by my blog on my SITS Day!