March 4, 2011

My fifth weigh-in...

It's that time again. Weigh-in day.

I was home sick with a miserable cold yesterday. I've been fighting it for about a week and I finally had to give in and "relax". I would love to claim that I was on the couch all day but everyone would recognize that as a flat-out lie. Come on, we all know that no mother ever actually gets to spend an entire sick day doing nothing but resting. Are you kidding?! I finished my laundry, straightened up the house, and did the dishes before I finally sat down.

By the end of the day my cold had moved into my ears and I woke up this morning on the verge of a double ear infection. I can't hear very well, my left nostril is dripping, and I'm sore all over.

But, all is not lost. Since I've been sick I haven't had much of an appetite.


(and I KNOW this isn't healthy and it's just water-weight and I'll probably gain it all back by Sunday)...


I lost 8 lbs this week!

My favorite new pants don't really fit anymore (oh well). Tonight I get to hang out with the ladies and try on (and purchase) fabulous jewelry (hooray!). And, since I can't hear anything I get to enjoy a day of peace and quiet at the office.

Life is good.


  1. I remember being in Weight Watchers and going to Las Vegas for my sister's wedding. (My sister's daughter wasn't even thought of yet and she's now 6, so that tells you how long ago it was!) I was so worried about gaining weight on the trip but I got sick right before I left and my appetite was zilch. Even with a breakfast buffet that was probably 10,000 calories, I managed to lose a couple of pounds. Is it awful to be thankful for being sick? :-)

    You commented above me at SITS today so I came over to say hi.

  2. So sorry about you not feeling way but way to go with the weight loss!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site on my SITS day!