March 1, 2011

Morning has broken...

You know it's been a rough morning when...

1. Your child had to sit on the "naughty" chair for 60 seconds for throwing a tantrum (at 6:30 in the morning?!).

2. A band aid truly does need to be used on a cut...on the child's thumb...the one that she sucks for comfort. Someone is going to have a LONG day.

3. The cold-medicine-induced comma that you slept in left your legs paralyzed and unable to move out of bed to exercise at 5:00 AM.

4. While sitting in a 3 1/2 hour-long meeting (yes folks...that's 3.5 hours of FUN that started promptly at 8:30 AM) you run out of tissues and your nose ACTUALLY drips onto your papers (pray that no one was looking).

5. You finally make it to your desk and can't get to your computer because apparently the world almost ended in the short 4 hours that you were gone, and everyone felt the need to leave something on your desk (and chair) that needs to be done......Today.

But, have no still have the afternoon to get through!

Oh Brother.....


  1. Oh Yuck! Sounds like a horrible day! I hope tomorrow is better. And yes it really sucks to have to put your child in time out before you have even had time to injest a whole cup of coffee.

  2. I always hated finding stuff on my chair, or taped to the computer screen!

  3. oh yeah! Taped to the computer screen...that is the WORST. ha!