July 17, 2012

33-weeks update...

33 weeks is odd.

I'm far enough along that I've had enough of this whole pregnancy thing and I am so very ready to be done. But, it's really not far enough along to wish that I would just give birth already.

At 33 weeks I finally look pregnant (at least I hope I do). And here are a few other fun bits of information that I'm sure you're all dying to know...

1. Baby apparently feels perfectly comfortable in an oblong position. I can see something, either the rear end or head (?) pointing directly out of my stomach.

2. Out of all of the summers that I could be pregnant I had to choose this one. Last summer we went above 100 degrees about five times; this summer we have spent at least a month well over that mark and July is only half-way done. Yes, I'm miserable.

3. They're b-a-c-k...the morning yucks. This happened with my last pregnancy too. For some reason I just can't seem to shake this whole morning sickness thing. And, let me tell you, it's a lot harder to pray to the porcelain god with a big tummy in the way.

4. Holy cats, am I ever exhausted! I don't remember being this tired last time around. Perhaps it doesn't help that I'm not sleeping very well right now. It's just too hard to get (and stay) comfortable and, of course, it's hot!!!!

5. Due to the extreme crazy weather that we have had this year, my garden is on track to be done producing anything of merit in about a month. That means we're working harder right now to get everything canned and frozen before it rots. On the flip side....we'll be done a lot earlier than usual and I think that sounds fabulous!

6. Rachel seems to be just as ready as I am to meet her new baby brother. She's tired of not being able to play with mommy and it's a good thing that she has a little tiny be-hind because there isn't a whole lot of room left on my lap to snuggle on, which is quite frustrating for her. I do, however, see at least one snag in her perception of the situation.... I have yet to figure out how to explain to her that she isn't going to be able to play football with her baby brother for quite some time.

7. Jake is also ready for this little guy's arrival. Plus, he's looking forward to having less responsibilities around the house. I don't know what I would have done without him and his ability to take orders this summer. He is my hero.

8. The way I see it.... even though I have 7 weeks until d-day I'm pretty sure I'll never make it that far so, really, I only have 6 weeks left. And, no one really expects anything much from you during those last few weeks so actually, I just need to get through 5 more weeks. And 5 weeks is pretty close to a month and some months are short, like 28 days- which is 4 weeks, so if you think about it, I only have about 4-5 weeks. There. I like the way that sounds.

9. I cannot remember the last time I put on a pair of socks. The last time I wore anything other than my flip-flops was June 20, which was the day I bought said pair of flip-flops.

10. The other day Jake asked me out on a date, which I thought was absolutely adorable until I realized that his idea of a "date" wasn't quite what I had in mind. We're going to go see Batman on Friday and he's super excited. Me? I'm just praying that my butt doesn't get too sore.

Take care everyone!

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  1. Oh, it'll all be over before you know it. Cherish these miracle moments of helping God make a baby. I know it hurts, aches, nauseates, and keeps you from doing a lot of other things you'd like to do. But it is more precious than any of those other things. Praying for a comfortable 4-5 weeks!