July 26, 2012

It's all good...

Today we had another ultrasound. I got there a bit early and was actually on my way out the door before my appointment was even scheduled to begin.

Everything looked grand. The placenta has moved 2 whole centimeters in the last few months, which is pretty big bananas around here. This means that baby is healthy, the placenta looks good, and we're about six weeks away from baby!

And then we had the due date conversation....


Oh the due date conversation. Why can't that just be done already? At this point we should all be able to agree on a due date. To a lot of people one week might not seem like a very big deal but when you're trying to schedule a C-section it really can alter things quite a bit.

We're going to stick with the current due date of September 11 (even though some people don't really agree with this) and keep the surgery scheduled for September 6th.

And, after that.... it really doesn't matter what we do because baby will arrive whenever he wants to. If he wants to come "early" so be it (yes baby, please decide to choose that option). But, if he wants to wait until September 6 then okay....we'll go with that.

As for me.... I'm just counting down the weeks until we're finally done. I'm ready to meet this little guy (we saw his chubby cheeks this morning on the ultrasound) and judging by how low he is right now I would say that he's about ready to meet us too.

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