July 10, 2012

Excuse me, are you pregnant...

Is it ever okay to ask a woman when her due date is?

Or, perhaps even more controversial, should you ever ask a woman if she's pregnant?

According to my friends and I....no. Never.

Granted, our group might have been a bit biased given that the majority of us having this discussion were either pregnant or holding a newborn but still.... it's just not a good idea.

When I was in labor with Rachel (yes, in labor) a nurse in my doctor's office asked me if I was expecting. I responded with, "Expecting what?" I mean, how else would you answer such a stupid question?

But, for those of you who insist on being in the know.... here are a few questions you might ask yourself before you ask that lovely lady if she's pregnant or just fat?

1. Is she in line for chicken fingers and fries?

2. Does she waddle, walk slowly, or gasp for air while heading up a flight of stairs?

3. Is she wearing flip-flops with an otherwise dressy-dress?

4. Is she of child-bearing age?

5. Does she have swollen ankles, fat fingers, and a flush complexion?

6. Is she barfing, gagging, coughing, sneezing, and/or blowing her nose (perhaps even simultaneously)?

7. Can she bend over and touch her toes?

8. Does she carry Tums in her purse?

9. Is she holding a newborn?

And perhaps most importantly....

10. Is it really your business and if so, does she have a friend you can ask instead?

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  1. Great timing, I just got asked last week at my daughters pre-school if I have a baby bump. I laughed and said no, because I just had a baby 3 months ago and the belly is taking it's sweet old time going away. The teacher was horrified and blurted out that she swore she'd never ask a women if she was pregnant but it's just because I'm so small everywhere else... I spent more time consoling her then I had time to even feel bad for myself! But now I'm kinda self conscience about it so I had husband buy a bunch of fruit and veggies so I can make an effort to eat better. Anyway, you're story is really funny, thought I'd add my 2 cents. Hope you are well!