July 23, 2012


This morning I was trying to pre-live my maternity leave in my mind while I was getting dressed (I was daydreaming about wearing sweat pants and old ratty t-shirts every day for a few weeks) when I thought of something quite profound, at least it was profound to me anyway.

Has it ever occurred to you that Stay-at-Home-Moms don't get maternity leave?
(or am I the last one to the boat on this?)


I cannot believe that I've never realized this before.

I get to think about maternity leave with my second one as the same way it was with my first. I only have to take one child to the doctor. I only have to concentrate on feeding and taking care of one child for the majority of the day. And, if I allow myself to, I really can rest while he's sleeping.

And all of this is possible because I'm a full-time working mom who can take my other child to our regular daycare while I stay home with the baby.

And when this thought hit me this morning, I truly felt blessed.

I feel blessed because I will actually get a maternity leave. And, for the most part, I might get a chance to recuperate from this whole "being pregnant" thing.

How in the world do SAHMs do it?

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  1. I ask myself that question almost everyday. It's amazing.